At this time of year there is not much to see. We have cut down on the number of edibles grown - too much effort, and just go for our real favourites. The soft fruit - blueberries, red, white and blackcurrants - are flourishing and this year we have replaced our autumn fruiting raspberries. We had to put the new plants in the same place - not the best idea I know - so it will be interesting to see how they flourish. As usual I have already forgotten what variety they are. I will have to consult the notebook in the greenhouse.
I think that this year we will limit our edible section. Too many crops mature at the same time and we find bending down to pick them is no longer easy.Climbing beans are a good option and over the years we have tried a number of varieties. Still deciding what to try this year. 
 We always grow our own garlic. Green garlic, picked fresh from the garden, is almost impossible to buy, and we use quite a lot. Some of our own plantings keep through into the new year, and are then supplemented by garlic from the supermarkets. I think back to the days when garlic was considered an exotic vegetable. Now it is available everywhere! We have also planted some wild garlic in a shrubbery at the front of the house. The leaves are a useful addition to certain dishes.
 We have quite a big herb garden, but it's nice to have some herbs close to the kitchen, hence a collection of pots near the back door. 
The orchard we planted three or four years ago , maybe five? is coming into its own and we had a great crop last year, with some of the apples keeping until Christmas. An apple fresh from the tree, and warmed by the sun, is something to be enjoyed, and when they have colourful skins the trees look really beautiful.