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Will the cold weather ever end?

(May 16, 2010)
The sun is shining but the air is still very cold. When will be able to put out the plants that have been sheltering in the greenhouse during the winter? Then it will be time to remove the bubble-wrap insulation, and we will feel that summer is just around the corner.
4 weeks today is our next NGS Open Garden. Things have started to move quite rapidly, in spite of the cold.
We sowed some yellow rattle in the meadow and it is growing away quite nicely. The effect on the grass is amazing - the growth is much slower, so the wildflowers will not have as much competition. I can't wait to see it in flower.
4 of the young fruit trees have blossom - will we get some fruit?
Best news of all - the hedgehog who slept in the Hot Garden has been seen trundling around. We hope he enjoys all our slugs!

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