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(January 23, 2009)
During the winter we had some concerns regarding one or two of our scented poplar trees. They are very tall and have been a delight since we planted them some 40 years ago. A decision had to be made. In the end we decided that the safest thing would be to have most of them cut down.
The tree surgeons have been here for two weeks, finishing yesterday afternoon. already we can see, and feel, the difference. The meadow is much lighter, and the wind blows more strongly.
We have mountains of logs, and an enormous heap of wood chippings for our paths. The grass will take a little while to recover and the tidying up will not happen overnight. Fortunately Dave takes everything in his stride, and is already well on the way to returning the garden to order.
Every change creates an opportunity. An old plum tree went at the same time, and we now have a large gap in our crinkle crankle hedge. It is time to create two further sections. We are also debating about introducing a few fruit trees into the meadow, especially a plum tree. Our grandchildren may refuse to visit if there is no opportunity of eating Grandma Frogs' Plum Pie!

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