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Sad News January 29, 2017
I have just heard the sad news that Andy Potter has terminal cancer and does not expect to be around for too long. When he visited the garden last y... [MORE]

Radio Derby Visit July 06, 2016
Andy Potter of Radio Derby, together with Mark Smith the Gardening Guru, came to see our garden this morning. They will talk about it on today's pro... [MORE]

Weather! April 09, 2016
Typical April weather - lots of showers, warm in the sun, and cold at night. The mild winter has upset the timing for many plants this year, so who ... [MORE]

A new animal visiting. April 06, 2016
Now getting regular visits from a badger who has found his/her way into the garden. It comes looking to see if the birds have left any food, and eve... [MORE]

Lily Beetles April 22, 2014
A bit wet today, so might overlook the lily beetle hunt. Regular checks saves a lot of heartache later on. And I find it less difficult to dispatch ... [MORE]

Hedgehogs April 22, 2014
We have seen hedgehog droppings so they are out and about again. We are now putting out the dog food each evening, and it has gone by the morning, b... [MORE]

Frogspawn, at last! March 22, 2013
There are frogs back in the pond, and quite a lot of frogspawn. I hope this cold weather, and snow etc. doesn't cause too many problems. ... [MORE]

Hedgehog in trouble July 21, 2012
Spotted a hedgehog at lunchtime, just reclining on the soil under the birdfeeders, and not moving much. Thought it was dead at first, but when gen... [MORE]

Open Day Cancelled July 11, 2012
July 15th, 2012. For the first time ever we have had to cancel one of our garden open days for NGS. We are keeping our fingers crossed for Augu... [MORE]

FROST! April 16, 2012
Who would have guessed the weather would be so cold now, after several weeks of warmth! Outside planters have needed wrapping up again. Keep your fing... [MORE]

Getting ready March 2011 March 13, 2011
I can't believe it's almost time to welcome visitors to our garden again. The weather has been very mixed and we sometimes wonder what we will hav... [MORE]

The hottest day of the year. May 23, 2010
The sun has shone all day and it is VERY hot! We were given a clock/thermometer which hangs on the shed. It gets the morning sun but is in the sha... [MORE]

Will the cold weather ever end? May 16, 2010
The sun is shining but the air is still very cold. When will be able to put out the plants that have been sheltering in the greenhouse during the ... [MORE]

Spring is just around the corner February 03, 2010
Although it is snowing at the minute I noticed that already the bulbs are beginning to come through. The snowdrops appeared as soon as the first s... [MORE]

First blooms June 28, 2009
Today I spotted the first lily flower, and also the first dahlia. The warmer weather certainly brings things on.... [MORE]

Big Changes January 23, 2009
During the winter we had some concerns regarding one or two of our scented poplar trees. They are very tall and have been a delight since we planted t... [MORE]

Visitors from Belgium June 07, 2008
Today we had our first visitors from Belgium -  a group of people on a Garden Visits Holiday in the Peak District area.   They were accomp... [MORE]

Fred the pheasant March 24, 2008
We have a regular visitor to the garden - he likes the black sunflower seeds that fall from the seed feeders. On a day like this he looks just magnifi... [MORE]

Radio Derby are coming! March 14, 2008
Radio Derby are planning to visit the garden on Friday afternoon so they can tell listeners what to expect when they visit us. Windward is the first D... [MORE]

Windy weather March 12, 2008
The weather is tremendously windy this morning. Lots of little twigs to gather from the grass.... [MORE]

A woodpigeon for lunch March 11, 2008
Sitting in the kitchen we heard a loud bang just outside the window. On looking out we could see nothing untoward. A little later I went outside a... [MORE]